Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department of Ankara University is founded in 1989 and approximately 50 students are admitted to the Programme . Main research areas in the programme are digital signal processing, image processing, control engineering, optoelectronics, telecommunication, electrical engineering and electrical facilities, electromagnetics. The department has many laboratory facilities including 11 different laboratories and computing facilities including powerful workstations and many personal computers with high speed internet access.


The programme aims to have the students complete their education with the required qualifications to carry them towards the goals in their professional career. In this perspective, it is also intented to provide the students with the opportunities to develop the abilities of team working, tracking the rapidly developing technologies, effective and novel thinking as well as the effective use of facilities regarding the courses, projects and social activities. The focus is on how to develop, schedule and execute projects to gain experience about the possible issues, problems and solutions which are encountered in the professional life. Since the purpose of the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering is to provide professional training, and at the same time to participate actively in applied and theoretical research, it is necessary for students to acquire knowledge of basic sciences, such as mathematics, physics and chemistry together with an understanding of economics, social sciences and humanities before specialization takes place.

Summary of Program Outcomes

Become innovative and productive engineers who are able to provide effective solutions in electrical and electronics engineering problems Have skills to apply the mathematical, scientific and electrical and electronics engineering knowledge to the solution of emerging real-world engineering problems related to control systems, power, signal processing and communication systems. Have ability to carry out experiments and research, and interpret data for engineering problems. Make use of effective communication and project management skills to work productively.

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