• Introduction and Description
  • Familiarization Practicals
  • Amplitude Modulation and Frequency Changing Practicals
    Generation of AM Signals
    Reception of AM Signals
  • Envelope Detection and Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
    Envelope Detector
    Effect of AGC
  • Double-Sideband Transmission Practicals
    Sidebands (demonstration of the existence of two side frequencies using a filter)
    Double-Sideband Reception
  • Single-Sideband Transmission and Reception Practicals
    Single-Sideband (SSSC) Reception
    Principle of a Simple Scrambler
  • Frequency Modulation Practicals
    The FM Generator
    Simple FM Reception
  • Basic FM Reception Practicals
    FM Demodulation
    Pre-Emphasis and De-Emphasis
    AFC and Muting
  • Stereo Transmission Practicals
    Sum and Difference Signals
    Modulation by the Difference Signal
  • Stereo Reception Practicals
    Stereo Reception
    Aural Tests