Section 1

  • Basic Control Systems Equipment and Term Used

Section 2

  • Resistance Transducers For Angular Or Linear Position Applications
  • The Whaeatstone Bridge Circuit And Null Balance Measurement Applications
  • Transducers For Temperature Measurement Applications
  • Transducer For Light Measurement
  • Transducer For Linear Position or Force Applications
  • Transducer For Environmental Measurement Application
  • Transducers For Rotational Speed or Position Measurement Applications
  • Transducers For Sound Measurement

Section 3

  • Transducers For Sound Output
  • Output Transducers For Linear or Angular Motion

Section 4

  • Display Devices

Section 5

  • Amplifiers
  • Signal Converting Circuits
  • Comparators, Oscillators and Filters
  • Circuit Performing Mathematical Operations

Section 6

  • Control system Characteristics
  • The Investigation of Practical Control Systems