About Program

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department of Ankara University is founded in 1989 and approximately 10 students are admitted to the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) Programme in the area of Electrical and Electronics Engineering which is held under the auspices of the Institute of Science of Ankara University. Main research areas in the programme are digital signal processing, image processing, control engineering, optoelectronics, telecommunication, electrical engineering and electrical facilities, electromagnetics. Robotics Reseach Laboratory, Signal Processing and Telecommunications Research Laboratory, Estimation-Tracking and Fusion Laboratory, Image Processing Laboratory, Numerical Analysis and Optimization Research Laboratory, Optoelectronics and Photonics Research Laboratory serve for the use and research of the Ph. D. Students.


The programme aims to have the graduate students complete their education with the required qualifications to carry them towards the goals in their professional career. In this perspective, it is also intented to provide the students with the opportunities to develop the abilities of team working, tracking the rapidly developing technologies, effective and novel thinking as well as the effective use of facilities regarding the courses, projects and social activities. The focus is on how to develop, schedule and execute projects to gain experience about the possible issues, problems and solutions which are encountered in the professional life. 

Summary of Program Outcomes

The students who graduate from the programme can;

* Follow the novel techniques and technologies in their areas,

* Perform the system and problem analysis, modelling and computer simulations and interpret the results,

* Develops new solution methods, present the outcomes of their studies in the national and international scale.

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