Lecture Notes: Note that just reading lecture notes are not sufficient; please follow this notes with course notes written on the board and course book.

Section – 1 Introduction (02.10)

Section-2 Power Computations (09.10)

Section-3 Half Wave Rectifiers (16.10)

Section-4a Full-Wave Rectifiers (23.10)

Section-4b Full-Wave Rectifiers (30.10)

Midterm (06.11) Date may be different. Please look at the department web page

Section-5 AC Voltage Controllers (13.11)

Section 6a- DC DC Converters (20.11)

Section 6b- DC DC Converters(27.11)

Section 7a- DC Power Supplies (04.12)

Section 7b- DC Power Supplies (11.12)

Section 8a- Inverters (18.12)

Section 8b- Inverters (25.12)

Recitation (02.01)