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Deadline for Homework submission

HW-2 04.05.2017 12:00-17:30

HW-3 11.05.2017 09:00-12:30

Lecture Notes:

Lecture Notes-1

Lecture Notes-2

Lecture Notes-3

Lecture Notes-4

Lecture Notes-5

Semiconductior Diodes and Applications-1

Semiconductior Diodes and Applications-2


BJT Small Signal

Operational Amplifiers

Power Amplifiers

Grades UPDATED 04.05

Midterm: You are reponsible from all of the topics until midterm

Midterm Answers             Spice File Question1               Spice File Question2

(Q3 is the thevenin question, Q4 is very simple and no needed a Spice file)

Final: You are responsible from a) Diodes and applications (including zener diode) and b) BJT DC analysis. However, you will need previous circuit theory discussion for solving/understanding the final exam content.