Syllabus – Updated

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In-class Assignments:   ICA-01                ICA-02                              ICA-03

Note: In ICA-01; the order of solutions c) and d) should be in reverse order. please change           c)–>d)          and             d)–>c)

Lecture Notes:

Sunu dosyasını ders notlarıyla ve açıklanan ders kitaplarının ilgili bölümleri ile birlikte takip ediniz. Sunumlar hem içerik hem de konu bakımından tek başlarına yeterli değildir.


Laplace Transform

Mathematical Modeling

Block Diagrams

Signal Flow

Feedback Characteristics

Time Response

Stability Routh-Hurwitz                                              Routh-Hurwitz Supplementary Questions (Case 2)

Root Locus

                                                                                         Root Locus Supp_01

Root Locus Supp_02

———————-Midterm Exam—————

Design with Root Locus-1

Design with Root Locus-2

Frequency Response

Design with Frequency Response

Nyquist Theorem

Grades               UPDATED 16.04


Midterm Answer

1.Please prepare homework on a plain sheet. Please write on one side of the page for your homework. To minimize paper waste, you may use the back of the paper for your homework. (Please staple if you use more than 2 pages)

2.Late submission (even the same day after the midterm exam, or the next day) will not be accepted.

3.Deadline is at the end of course (after course homeworks will not be accepted)

HW3:     15.05.2018

HW4:     22.05.2018

4.Please do not forget to sign when you hand in your homework. Homework without sign will not be accepted.