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Deadline for Homework submission

HW-3                 23.05.2017      16:30-18:15

HW-4                24.05.2017       09:30-11:00

In-class Assignments:             ICA-01              ICA-02             ICA-03              ICA-04

Lecture Notes:

Block Diagrams

Feedback Characteristics

Mathematical Modelling

Signal Flow

Time Response

Stability Routh-Hurwitz Supplementary Notes

Root Locus

Design with Root Locus-1

Design with Root Locus-2

Frequency Response Supplemantary Notes-1 Matlab Code

Design with Frequency Response Supplemantary Notes-2

Supplemantary Notes-3

Nyquist Theorem

Introduction to Robust Control


Midterm: You are responsible from all topics until Root Locus

Midterm Answer UPDATED 05.04

But we will finish root locus before first midterm

You can look at your midterm exams (also you can check other student’s paper). Please come to my office to look at your papers only at the following dates: (Note that please look at your exam papers only two students at a time) UPDATED 17.04

02.05.2017 Tuesday 15:00-18:15

04.05.2017 Thursday 12:00-13:15

05.05.2017 Friday 11:00-13:00

Final: a) Modelling of the electrical circuits b) Root locus c) Design via Root Locus d) Frequency Response e) Design via Frequency Response

And all related sections (for example routh-hurwitz is needed for root locus plot)